1/2020. (III.11.) Directive of the Rector on extraordinary education break

1/2020. (III.11.) Directive of the Rector on extraordinary education break

According to 40/2020 (III. 11.) Government Decree on the declaration of state of emergency 40/2020 (III. 11.), the Government of Hungary declares an emergency in the whole territory of Hungary in order to avert the consequences of a mass epidemic that threatens the safety of life and property. Therefore, I issue the following directive.

Scope of the Directive

The scope of this Directive applies to all campuses of Szent Istvan University (hereinafter referred to as "the University"), any of its units performing core activity, public servants (including external lectureres), students (including doctoral students).

Order of educational break

(1) Between 12-14 March 2020, I order an extraordinary educational break, which refers to corresponding courses.
(2) Between 16-20 March 2020, I order a spring holiday without education
(3) Students shall not visit the University for the period of 12-20 March 2020.

Measures related to the order of educational break

(1) In connection with the implementation of 2§, students are reminded not to travel abroad during their spring break and if possible, stay at their places of residence and avoid public events.
(2) Hungarian students shall leave their dormitory residence by 13 March 2020 the latest.
(3) International students shall continue to stay in dormitories.
(4) Personal administration in office hours is suspended at the Directorate of Education in all campuses. Administration is available via telephone in office hours and via email outside opening hours.
(5) For all civil servants, working is unchanged for the period between 12-13 March 2020 and between 16-20 March 2020.

Final provision

This Directive shall enter into force at 20.30 on the day of its proclamation and shall remain in force until revoked.

Gödöllő,     11 March 2020

Dr. László Palkovics