3/2020. (III. 11.) Joint Directive of Rector and Chancellor on measures to be taken in relation to restrictions on the organization of events, domestic missions and personal attendance at Szent Istvan University in connection with the novel coronavirus d

The Rector and the Chancellor of Szent István University (hereinafter referred to as the University) issue the following Directive on the implementation of coronavirus-related measures at the University on the basis of the authorization set forth in Article 22 (2) of the University's Organizational and Operational Rules.

Purpose of the Directive

The purpose of this Directive is to prevent from and to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection, as well as to protect our campus community through preventive measures. With issuing this Directive, the University strives to minimize any risk.

Scope of the Directive

(1) The personal scope of this Directive shall apply to the University, to all its departments as employer, and to all public servants, students and all citizens of the University, and persons entering the University for any reason.
(2) The territorial scope of this Directive shall cover the entire territory of the University.

Interpretative provisions

For the purpose of this Directive:
(a) "university citizen" shall mean any public servant of the University, employed by the University in any legal capacity, including volunteers of public interest and professors emeritus,
(b) university guest: any person invited to attend the University for any reason (in particular, as a student, visiting teacher, any invited guest),
(c) university site: the headquarters and all the premises of the University as well as any property or area in which the University is acting (including dormitories/hostels),
d) job related missions: Pursuant to Article 3 (11) of the Act CXVIII of 1995 on personal income tax, the travel required by the employer for the performance of his/her duties in connection with the employer's activities, in particular in cases when work is carried out in a place other than specified in the contract of employment in the context of employment other than the contract of employment; not including commuting to and from work or home. For the purposes of this provision, the place of work shall be deemed to be the place where the employee habitually carries out his work; in the absence of such a site or, where there are several such sites, the headquarter of the employer,
(e) coronavirus: SARS-CoV-2 virus (disease name COVID-19),
f) event:
(ea) "university event" means any event including student events organized by the University on the campus for a fee or free of charge;
(eb) external event: an event including student events organised by a party different from the University on the campus for a fee or free of charge.

Specific provisions related to events

A. Suspension of future university events
(1) The University shall suspend the organization of all its events until further notice, i.e. it shall no longer permit, in particular, but not exclusively:
(a) the organization of student events,
(b) the organization of meetings, councils, elections,
(c) the organization of a conference,
(d) organization of representative events, ceremonies and workshops.
(2) The University shall also suspend the organization of external events, including the leasing of its premises to host third party events.
(3) Application for the organization of an event shall not be commenced until further action is taken.
B. Suspension of approved but not yet started events
(1) The University shall not permit either university or external events, even if those were previously approved.
(2) If costs have already been incurred under a valid contract authorized for the event, the University shall classify it as force majeure and shall order the revision of the contracts with immediate effect. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to contribute to the reduction of costs (e.g. termination of contracts, notification of partner, etc.).
C. Suspension of hosting guests in dormitories
Until further action, students residing in dormitories operated by the University shall not receive outside visitors.

Suspension of job related missions with regard to participation in events

Suspension of future job related missions
The University shall suspend the execution of previously approved job related missions, as well as the approval of future job related trips with regard to participation in any event.

Electronic communication instead of personal communication

In general the University orders to avoid events with personal presence (such as project discussions, meetings) that are not strictly necessary for the provision of core activities, and to use electronic communication or telephone instead.

Other provision

The University calls upon all its citizens to show responsible and calm behavious and cooperation for the sake of the university community, including avoidance of events or any external location that may be a potential risk to our community.

Entry into force and final provisions

(1) This directive shall take effect on dated 11/03/2018. and shall remain in force until revoked.
(2) All university citizens are responsible for complying with this directive. Non-compliance with the directives shall have legal consequences.
(3) This directive shall be published by the Administration and Coordination Department.

Gödöllő, 11/03/2018

Dr. László Palkovics       Ferenc Magyar
Rector                             Chancellor