Enyedi György Regional Sciences PhD School

Head: Prof. Dr. Zoltán HAJDÚ


The mission of the doctoral school is that the regional science by the new regionalist should be more recognized in Hungary and in the World academic life as well.

The Doctoral School offers and administers the Doctoral (PhD) Program in Regional Sciences. This PhD program of the Szent István University aims to provide high-quality education focuses on the future scientist whose are seeking regional issues. The PhD program also provides opportunities for the professionals whose are looking for job opportunities in the Hungarian and the European public administration.

The Doctoral School of Regional Sciences is unique in Hungary in the number of the regionalist professors who have been recognized in our country and abroad as well. The PhD program aims to provide the theoretical and methodological groundings necessary to facilitate a broader comparative perspective which will mediate and engage scholarship and practices from regional contexts. We expect applicants who are ready to meet the challenges of critical thinking, academic excellence, social responsibility and inter-contextual perspective.

The research themes of the Doctoral School of Regional Sciences are the following:

Monitoring of the Regional processes
The examination of shopping centers in the capitals of Central Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava)
The land use and spatial regional economic factors in the rural areas, analysis of the their effects to the competitiveness and the strategic development directions of the development
The analysis of the applicable supporting methods in the regional planning and development and the examination of the adaption them into practice


E-mail: khademi.vidra.aniko@gtk.szie.hu
Phone: +36-28-522-902
Address: H-2100 Gödöllő, Páter K. street. 1. Hungary