Extended cooperation, knowledge transfer and propagation licence for Hungarian rootstocks in China

In the frame of a European round-trip the delegation of Northwes Agricultural & Forestry University (NWA&FU) led by Prof. Dr. Li Xianwang, President of the university council, visited recently Szent István University.   Further members of the delegation were Prof. Dr. Song Weining, College of Agronomy, Prof. Dr. Hu Xiaoping, dean, College of Plant Protection, Prof. Dr. Hu Xiatao, dean, College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering, Mr. Sun Ma, Director of President Office and Qiao Wenjun Deputy Director of Office for International Cooperation and Exchange. NWA&FU is the second largest Agricultural university educating around 35 000 students, located in Yangling (Shaanxi Province), center of the fertile Northwestern agricultural region with important potential in food production of China. The cooperation between NWAFU and Hungary traced back to 1994 on the topic development of cherry growing, resulting introduction of Hungarian methods, varieties and rootstocks developed by prof. Károly Hrotkó. In the frame of this cooperation, several co-workers of SZIU visited Shaanxi consulting on plant protection (Ass. Prof. Fail József) and fruit processing (Ass. Prof. Stégerné Dr. Máthé Mónika and Assitant Prof. Dr. Kun Szilárd). The two universities intend the widening of their cooperation to further fields of agricultural education and research.

Prof. Dr. László Palkovics Rector of SZIU and Prof. Dr. Károly Hrotkó welcomed the delegation and gave detailed information about the education and research of SZIU. This year the two universities will close a three-years-long R+D project based on a bilateral agreement between China P.R. and Hungary. Participating departments from the SZIU are Dept. of Floriculture and Dendrology, Dept. of Pomology, Dept. of Entomology, Dept. of Food Processing and Dept. of Brewery and Distillery. Following the friendly talks on the technical topics of future cooperation, the leaders of the delegations signed the MoU, which foresees exchange of students and teaching staff, as well as joint application and participation in further R+D projects.

To the same time, from 16th to 23rd of December 2019 our university hosted Prof. Dr. Cai Yuliang and general director Geng Jinhu (Wopsun Scientific and Technology Innovation Co. Ltd, Beijing). Our guests visited the most advanced cherry orchards and rootstock trials established by the system “Hungarian Cherry Spindle” developed by Prof. Dr. Károly Hrotkó. Further on the guests studied the Hungarian distillery technology applied for processing of sweet and sour cherry. Based on the convincing results of rootstock trials the Chinese company signed the licence agreement on propagation of Hungarian clonal mahaleb rootstocks in China P.R.