Health Insurance


Self-financing/exchange students (if relevant):

You can conclude any kind of health insurance contract upon your choice.

SZIU currently has contract with Generali Insurance Company, who provides student health package. Our Generali contact is Ms Kitti Krnács at If you are interested, feel free to contact her.

Union Vienna Insurance Group also offers insurance for students at reasonable price. If you are interested, please contact Mr Hatem Marwan at

Please always read thoroughly the terms of your insurance contract („use ”contracted doctors, accepted bills etc.) and act accordingly!

Stipendium Hungaricum scholars:

SH scholarship covers a private and a public (social security) health insurance.

  • private insurance:

How to apply for private insurance?

SZIU currently has contract with Generali Insurance Company, who provides student health packages for SH students. The contract is made by SZIU, you need to fill out a data sheet and sign it. Please contact Student Services Office on Gödöllő Campus and your international coordinator on Buda Campus.

How it works?

As for Generali, if you have any problem, call the central number indicated on the insurance card, tell them your problem, and they will direct your to the closest contracted English speaking doctor. You always have to notify the insurance company before using a health service, otherwise they cannot accept and reimburse your bill. Should you have more specific question on your insurance, you can contact Kitti Krnacs, representative of Generali, at



  • public insurance /social security (TAJ) card


How to apply for a social security card?


On Gödöllő Campus , it is arranged by the Student Services Office (Zsuzsanna Tassy at (Office No. 1010) based on your authorization. Please, collect the required documents (below), and give them to Zsuzsanna Tassy.


On Buda Campus, you have to submit the application to OEP-National Health Insurance Fund - location in Budapest -  

Budafoki út 59., 1117 Budapest, not far from the Buda Campus. You might ask for the help of your Tandem partner or mentor.

Working hours:

Mo: 8:00 – 15:00

Tue: 8:00 – 15:00

Wed: 8:00  -17:30

Thur:8:00 – 15:00

Fri: 8:00 – 13:00

Required documents are:

  • application form
  • copy of accomodation sheet stamped by the Immigration Office
  • copy of residence permit
  • copy of your passport
  • student status certificate (in Hungarian)
  • Letter of Award and Letter of Acceptance in Hungarian
  • authorization (only on Gödöllő Campus)


How social security works?

After submitting your application you will get a social security number (TAJ number), then within a few weeks a social security card (TAJ card). With a TAJ number /card you are entitled to have the Hungarian public health service for free. There only a few basic services (e.g. given elements of dental services) that are not free.

In this system, you have a general doctor and a dentist. If you have any problem, you have to go directly to the general doctor. In the case of dental problems, it is better to call the dentist before and ask for an appointment.

If you need a specialist, you can go first to the general doctor, who will direct you to the right specialist if needed. If you want to go directly to a specialist, you can make an appointment or in urgent case, you can go directly to the specialist and queue up. In the latter case, you have to register at the registration desk in the clinic (they usually do not speak English, so try to ask for mentor’s help).


On GÖDÖLLŐ CAMPUS, the general doctor is Dr Islam Shafiqul (works in public health clinic, Gödöllő, Szabadság tér 3. (next to the market place)).

Dr Márta Kovács works in the dormitory, you can visit her only in the case of emergency.

Your dentist is Dr.Feder Asher (works in city centre: Gödöllő, Szilhát u. 47.)

The table contains the working hours of doctors in Gödöllő.








dr. Kovács Márta (Dorm C)







dr. Shafiqul Islam (Szabadság tér 3.)







Dr. Feder Asher (Szilhát u. 47.)

Tel: (20) 928 4233







On BUDA CAMPUS, please aks your mentor or tandem.

Social Security (TAJ) or Private (GENERALI)?

Since Generali (the private insurance company) provides English service, It is rather recommended to use Generali services first, and if it is about a service not covered by Generali, you can use public health service.