Information on coronavirus measures at SZIU, 11 March 2020

Dear University Citizen,
The leadership of Szent Istvan University is committed to taking all preventive measures related to the novel coronavirus disease and to informing staff and students. Hereby we would like to confirm that, to the best of our knowledge, our campuses are still not affected by the infection. We would also like to inform you about the events that have taken place in our institution over the past week.

On 5 March, an Operational Task Force was established at Szent Istvan University to perform the preventive measure, according to the recommendations of the WHO and the Hungarian Government related to the novel coronavirus disease and to take immediate action in the event of illness(es). The Task Force operates continuously, responds promptly to all announcements and events. It requests all University citizens to follow the rules set forth in the various instructions and notices and to accept only those arriving through the University's official communication channels.

On 5 March, it was announced that an Iranian-born doctoral student of Szent Istvan University had returned from Tehran on 28 February. He followed the instructions sent by the university and separated himself for 14 days voluntarily and did not visit any university campus in Gödöllő or Budapest. As soon as he discovered his symptoms, he contacted Szent Laszlo Hospital and was found to be infected after sampling. He has been in the hospital ever since and his condition is satisfactory. His wife also applied for sampling at Szent Laszlo Hospital, and fortunately she was not infected.

On 5 March, 15 Japanese tourists were taken to Szent Laszlo Hospital by the ambulance from Kalvin Square, Budapest. All of them were suspected of coronavirus infection, because they were coughing. On 4 March, a part of the Japanese tourist group visited Gödöllő Campus of our University. During their short visit, only a few of our staff contacted them. The leadership of the University became aware of this fact on the evening of 5 March. Accordingly, they immediately ordered home office for the employees concerned. After having been taken to hospital, the Japanese tourists were isolated and screened and finally all of them had a negative coronavirus test and their host staff could return to their workplace.

A Vietnamese student at Buda Campus had a symptom-based, precautionary examination at Szent Laszlo Hospital, but fortunately, his coronavirus test was also negative.

On 6 March, the Joint Directive of the Rector and Chancellor on the coronavirus was issued. Preventive actions are taken to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection and all in- and outbound mobilities have been suspended until revoked.
Instructions can be found at the following link:

To protect our campus community, we strongly ask everyone not to travel to areas which may be infected by coronavirus in private arrangement. We generally suggest to cancel all non-essential travel because number of affected areas is constantly changing.
Please check the list of infected areas at

At Szent Istvan University you can send your questions and announcements to e-mail address, which is monitored 24 hours a day. If you have visited or are suspected of having been exposed to a coronavirus, please report it to and do not visit the University for at least 14 days after returning home.

Szent Istvan University makes every effort to inform staff and students as well as  to maintain and enforce hygiene regulations on all campuses, and to provide the necessary facilities at all times. The Task Force and the University leadership provide ongoing information to the university citizens. Please ask your colleagues and fellow students to carefully read their Neptun messages and circulars in their mailbox and check the website and Facebook page of the university to keep everyone updated.

Sincerely Yours,

Ferenc Magyar                 Dr. László Palkovics
Chancellor                        Rector