Information on Coronavirus related measures from Szent István University

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Students,

I would like to inform you that one of the 2 Iranian students who have been confirmed to be infected in Hungary is a doctoral student at Szent István University. The doctoral student wanted to attend a conference necessary for his career advancement. After arriving in Tehran, the organizers cancelled the event.

The PhD student returned from Iran on Friday, 28 February, 2020 and acted as instructed by the University: immediately contacted Szent László Hospital indicating that he had come from an infected area and consulted in writing with his supervisor, who advised not to visit the institution for at least 14 days, as stated in the university warnings. His absence was a certified absence. Accordingly, the doctoral student did not visit any university campuses, either in Gödöllő or in Budapest.

In accordance with the decision of Szent István University Coronavirus Task Force, all staff and students at the University are repeatedly warned about the need for increased compliance with the hygiene rules, especially regular and thorough hand disinfection.

Please, continuously follow the information posted by the University and on the website.

If you experience symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, depression, stay home, call your GP, or call the National Public Health Center on 06 80 / 277-455 or 06-80 / 277-456!

We also kindly ask for the cooperation of our teachers, lecturers and professors and if they know about a student who has traveled to an infected area (a university programme, family-visit etc), report this immediately to the institution's management, send the student home and inform him or her about the next steps.
Notices should be sent to the institution's management to the following e-mail address:

Please note that the only persons exclusively authorized to all communication on behalf of the University are the Rector and the Chancellor of the Szent István University or the person designated by them. We strongly request everybody not to communicate in connection with the coronavirus on their own.

The University does not allow travels to coronavirus-infected areas, which are at present: China, Northern-Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and the affected Far East countries (South Korea, Japan).
Please note that the range and level of infection in the countries concerned may vary, so outbond mobility demands should be requested only in extraordinary cases (conference attendance, mobility programs).

We are continuously monitoring the information of the National Task Force, and accordingly, already authorized departures may be cancelled in justified cases.

If necessary, Szent István University will take further actions and releases updates.


Prof. Dr. László Palkovics                                                                    Mr. Ferenc Magyar
               rector                                                                                           chancellor