Information on Online Education (23 March)

From 23 March 2020 (Monday) the education at Szent István University will be organised on an online basis (no in-person appearance is needed).

Students will get messages about the technical details (e-mail or Neptun message) by the heads of your courses. At the same time the course requirements might be modified, which can be reached in the NEPTUN system.

The academic calendar of the academic year 2019/20 will be also modified. Next week students will get further information about this.

Students shall be prepared that a part of the course materials will be presented online by the professors, requiring reliable internet access and a computer or smart device.

In case of not being able to get access to the necessary devices and/or an internet connection, students should inform the vice dean of the faculty about these circumstances.

The office hours of students’ administration will be also modified to online/electronic communication during the emergency period. Students will be informed about this probably today in a NEPTUN message. The information will be also available on the home page of NEPTUN.

Dr. István Szabó
Professor, Vice-rector for Education