International Dinner 2019 Spring

One of the biggest international events of the semester took place on 7 March 2019. All participants are likely to agree that it was the best so far with the participation of 24 cooking teams, more then 60 dishes and nearly 200 guests. Students not only proved their cooking skills but also their talent in music and dances. Arbnora Berisha, Fouz Alsameh, Maher Alnajjar, Nguyen Son Tra and the Forduló Volk Dance Ensemble entertained the audience with their music and dance. The event was organised by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN SZIE) with the financial support of the International Relations Centre.

This year the jury was also international consisting of Mr. Geert van Rumund, Mayor of Wageningen Ms.Tjitske Zwerve, advisor, Ms. Denise Spiekerman, Alumni coordinator of Wageningen University and Research, Ms. Tjitske Zwerver Advisor International Cooperation and Communications, Prof. Samir Zaien, professor at Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Dr. Tarr Zsuzsanna, head of International Relations Centre, Mr Szentgáli-Varga Szilárd, Master of Porcelain Painting, Ms Rizsák-Mayer Györgyi and Ms Magyar Krisztina, representatives of OTP Bank and Ms Németh Krisztina, head of Stipendium Hungaricum mentor system, distributed awards in 5 categories.

The „Best Main Dish” award went to the Italian team, the „Best Starter” award was won by Pakistan, the „Best Beverages” by the Russian team and the „Best Dessert” by Algeria. The „Best Hungarian Dish” award was handed over to Ms Gilián Lilla for her Aranygaluska. The Indian team’s main dish became the “Audience’s Favourite”.

The „Best Main Dish” and the „Best Dessert” category awards, two hand-painted plates were made and offered by Szentgáli-Varga Szilárd, but each team could receive special awards offered by the Dutch delegation and OTP Bank.
As the Chairman of the jury said, all the participants were winners, however, we can all state that the audience was the biggest winner of the event.