International Students’ Initiatives at SZIU

Nearly 400 international students of Szent István University continued to stay in Gödöllő Dormitories during Covid-19 pandemic, some of whom launched 2 exemplary voluntary projects in this period.

With Mr. Rajab Ghabour’s coordination, international students organized a voluntary service to help their fellows who were sick or kept strict quarantine for any reason. Roughly 20 volunteers were ready to help those in need to do shopping or purchase medicines.

The initiator of the other project called „International Students Community Garden” is Ms. Fernanda Ramos Díaz.  Since several international students are expected to stay in Hungary during this summer instead of travelling around, nearly 50 of them decided to spend this time with farming. They grow vegetables and herbs for their own use. Gödöllő Agricultural Center (GAK Kht.) provided the land to be cultivated on the territory of its horticultural experimental farm with the effective help of the farm manager, Mr. Zsolt Gulyásik, while seeds, plants and tools are provided by the horticultural experimental farm with the support of SZIU International Relations Centre.