Management and Business Administration PhD School

Head : Prof. Dr. Zoltán LAKNER, DSc.

The basic objective of the doctoral school is to organize the macro-economic, management and marketing tasks of food industry into a uniform system so that the research tasks performed by the doctoral students should effectively serve the realization of the objectives in  agricultural development. It requires the management skills of the experts who operate at the different levels of economic control, which helps to recognize the significance and complexity of the system necessary to solve the problems. The objective of the PhD school are as follows.

  • Involvement of PhD students  in (uniformly organized) scientific activity during which they may gain knowledge and skills in the field of economic transformation and the economic environment of the new economic structure.
  • Examination of agricultural enterprises, modelling and development of their activity, analysis of the different functional fields of management (marketing, finance, informatics, management of human resources, etc.), and the scientific survey of the relationship between enterprises, co-operation and integration, the economies of regions and districts.
  • Modern interpretation of regional development and relevantly stressing  the different fields of research.
  • Application of the topics of management science. Specialization in subjects that play an important role in the changing practice of management. Such important themes, or some of these becoming more and more important include the management of organizations, information and other networks, management of small and medium sized enterprises, management of organizational changes embedded in the rapid and deep social, economic, cultural and other transformations etc.

The topics of the Management and Business PhD School are the followings:

Macro-economics of food economy

History and macro-economic questions of agricultural development
World food economy
Agricultural financing
Agricultural challenges of the EU accession
Methods of economic analysis, agricultural information technology
International compatibility

Agribusiness management

Enterprise management
Strategic planning and organization development
Controlling and management of enterprises
Financing agricultural enterprises
Models for sustainable development

Management and business studies

Management, organization
Management theory and methodology
System of labor relationships
Information society and management
System of manager training and further training, forms and methods
Management of small and medium sized enterprises


The consumer, buyer and organizational market, purchasing behavior
Analysis of marketing in production and service, product/brand, company and sector activities
Usage and development of marketing tools (product, price, distribution, promotion)
Market orientation, marketing strategies, strategic groups, market competition capabilities
Development of marketing information systems and knowledge management
Adaptation and development of marketing research methods and models


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Address: Páter Károly street 1. Gödöllő 2100, Hungary