Mechanical Engineering PhD School

Director: Prof. Dr. István Farkas DSc

During establishing the goals of the Mechanical Engineering PhD School of Szent István University, the following principles were taken into consideration: The predictable requirement based on developing tendency of the technical background in the agriculture and food industry is that the production and application of the machines and tools should be environment-friendly, material-and energy-save. On the other hand it is important to organize the existing equipment to logistical system, and arrange ecological operation and recycling in the strategy of the research. In the strategy of the research some promoted new topics should be emphasized which serve up to-date production technologies in bio-system engineering systems.

The global increase of agricultural production has to be realized in an ecological balance having decreased volume of the applied chemicals and energies. For sustainable development it has a basic interest to decrease the polluting materials getting into the environment and to economize with the resources. Another important goal is to introduce the renewable energy resources to the traditional energy processes in mechanical engineering. It helps to increase the competitiveness and the sustainability, as well.

The PhD school has two thematic groups of which a few typical research topics are given below:


1. Basics of Agriculture Machine Engineering

  • Mechanizations of animal husbandry and plant growing
  • Vehicle and tractor techniques, the off road running theory
  • Mechanics of structural and agricultural materials
  • Tribology and techniques of lubrication
  • System of quality control, technical innovation and development
  • Technologies and tools of primer crop processing
  • Material-,and energy-save production technology
  • Operations of machines and systems
  • Maintenance machinery and recycling
  • Materials rheology and structure of agricultural material sets
  • Computer Aided Engineering techniques
  • Separation techniques and equipment in crop processing
  • Building structures.


2. Energetics of Agriculture and Environmental Engineering

  • Energetics and physics of buildings
  • Heat and mass transport processes
  • Energy resources in agriculture and in forestry
  • Application of solar energy
  • Modelling of the geothermal energy
  • Wind energy systems
  • Combined and hybrid energy systems
  • High frequency and microwave energy used in food processing
  • Technical and technological questions of environment protection
  • Ecological correlation of settlement and development of area
  • Protection of water-base
  • Principle of environmental industry
  • Engineering Economics

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