Doctoral School of Animal Husbandry Science

Director: Prof. Dr. Miklós Mézes CMHAS

The Animal Husbandry Science program deals with the research and development of husbandry and production of farm and game animals. Since 1989 the animal husbandry sector has undergone many changes. The changes and new challenges affect the rapidly increasing modernization in methods, and the public attitude towards animal husbandry and game biology.

Animal husbandry plays significant role in the national economy, especially in the food products of animal origin, and the establishment of conditions for competitive export production.

The utilization, recognition of up-to-date molecular biological-biotechnological methods, and their use in the work of students, is one of the principal objectives of the School. Besides research topics dealing with the principles of animal husbandry, another important field of the current animal husbandry research is the production of livestock species and game biology and management.

The satisfaction of strict animal protection requirements, the reasonable utilization of renewable natural resources, and the development of conditions for sustainable development are all needed four our country as member state of the European Union. The EU and national R+D programs offer a wide base for the development of applicable R+D topics.

The main topics are:

  1. Biology of reproduction and development
  2. Animal biotechnology, molecular genetics in animal husbandry
  3. Animal nutrition, feed toxicology
  4. Animal physiology
  5. Improvement and production of ruminant farm animals
  6. Improvement and production of hog stocks
  7. Poultry farming
  8. Meat production
  9. Wildlife biology and management
  10. Fish biology and fish farming

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