Plant Science PhD School

Head : Prof. Dr. Lajos HELYES, DSc

The School has been established by unifying three former PhD programs aimed at providing the students with up-to-date knowledge in disciplines such as soil management, crop production, grassland management, seed production, plant genetics, breeding and biotechnology, plant pathology and agricultural entomology, weed control and integrated pest control. Candidates are taught and supervised by internationally renowned professors and researchers mainly from Szent István University as well as from other research institutes that belong to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, respectively. Research facilities required for PhD studies are available from the above-mentioned institutions.

The major PhD Program areas are:

  • Plant molecular genetics and gene technology (Erzsébet Kiss CSc)
  • Plant cell genetics and tissue culturing (Gábor Gyulai CSc)
  • Molecular markers and molecular plant breeding (László Heszky MHA)
  • Classical genetics and traditional plant breeding (Márta Hajós Novák CSc)
  • Arthropod assemblages and pests and predators of agroecosystems, (József Kiss CSc, Ferenc Tóth PhD)
  • Fungal diseases of crop plants, biology and variability of pathogens, and alternative control (Ferenc Virányi DSc)
  • Theory and practice of weed management (Imre Németh CSc)
  • Physiology and biochemistry of resistance in plants to pathogens (Balázs Barna DSc)
  • Microbe antagonists and biological control (György Turóczi PhD)
  • Soil tillage and land use (Márta Birkás DSc, Csaba Gyuricza PhD)
  • Soil compaction and remediation (Márta Birkás DSc)
  • Agroecological impacts on yield and quality of field crops (Márton Jolánkai DSc)
  • Grassland and pasture management (László Szemán CSc)
  • Gene bank and field crop variety research (László Láng CSc)
  • Theoretical basis of new technologies in horticultural crop production (Judit Dimény CSc, Lajos Helyes DSc)


E-mail: nemenyi.
Phone: +36-28-522-000/1713
Address: Páter Károly street 1. Gödöllő 2100, Hungary