SZIU Develops Collaboration with Multimedia University, Malaysia

In the framework of the collaboration between SZIU and Multimedia University, Malaysia, Dr Robert Jeyakumar Nathan, Head of Department for Marketing, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Melaka visited SZIU for two weeks in the second half of May 2019.

The collaboration between the two institutions encompasses areas of academic and research corporations.  On the research front, in an international cooperation, researchers from both universities are jointly working on research projects in the fields of Business management, electronic commerce, online pricing strategies and emerging topics on behavioral economics. Joint publications are also carried out by researchers from SZIU and MMU in high impact journals. (Coauthors are: Robert Jeyakumar Nathan, MMU, Victor Vijay, SZIU, PhD student, Jose Thoppan, associate professor of Saintgits Institute of Management, Kerala, India, Janusz Grabara and Sebastian Kot professors of Częstochowa University of Technology, Maria Fekete-Farkas professor of Szent István University, Hungary). 

On the academic front, through the invitation of SZIU, MMU has granted research grant and financial support for its academic Dr Robert Jeyakumar to be a visiting scholar at SZIU Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration in May 2019. The visit was supported also by the International Relations Centre of SZIU. This short visit allowed for greater exchange of ideas between academics. Lecture series on the topics of How to publish in High Quality journals, Digital Disruption and Design Thinking, CEO Next: The Genome of future CEOs were shared with PhD students from the Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration. During his staying here Dr. Robert Jeyakumar participated in the research report of 3rd year students, in a study trip around Kecskemét and had discussion with Dr László Palkovics, rector of SZIU, Dr Livia Simon Sarkadi, vice-rector for international affairs,  Dr Zoltán Lakner, the head of Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration and some other professors. They have clearly identified a number of areas for collaboration and look forward to exploring them in the coming years. The Memorandum of Understanding constituting a legal base for future collaboration was also signed now by SZIU.