Tastes of the World at SZIU

The latest event of SZIU’s regular International Dinners took place on 10 October 2019 in Alma Mater Restaurant Gödöllő and it was organized by the Hungarian National Conference of Student Unions, SZIU International Relations Centre and the former president of ESN SZIU, Ms Lilla Gilián.

International Dinners have always been very popular among our international students but as the event gained more visibility, more and more Hungarian staff and students have started to visit it. This time 23 cooking teams participated in the contest in 6+4 categories. In addition to the usual prizes, four new categories were also added this year: “Rector’s Favourite”, Chancellor’s Favourite”, “Vice-Rector’s Favourite” and the “Royal Palace’s Favourite”. The „Best Main Dish” and the „Best Dessert” category awards, two hand-painted plates were made and offered by Szentgáli-Varga Szilárd as usual.

The 13-member jury consisted of members of SZIU management and staff, and representatives of SZIU’s partner universities and organisations, namely Rector Prof. Dr. László Palkovics, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Lajos Helyes, Vice-Chancellor Dr. József Kozári, Mr. Tamás Töhötöm Kaizinger, President of Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network, Mr. Dávid Kiss, Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network, Ms. Krisztina Németh, Institutional Leader Mentor of SZIU, Dr. Zsuzsanna Tarr, Head of International Relations Centre, Dr. Samir Zaien, Master Teacher and International Coordinator, Dr. Tamás Ujváry, Managing Director of Gödöllő Royal Palace, Ms Ágnes Székely, TPF Deputy Head of Department, Mr. Szilárd Szentgáli-Varga, Master of Porcelain Painting, Mr. Marcel Rompelman, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, and Dr. Attila Nemes, Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy.

Students not only proved their cooking skills but also their talent in music and dances. Moroccan, Syrian, Vietnamese, Kosovo, Moldavian, Iraqi, Tunisian, Algerian, Brazilian, Eritrean and Chinese students contributed to the success of the dinner with their music and dances.

The award winners:

Best Starter: USA
Best Soup: Algeria
Best Main Dish: Iraq
Best Dessert: Laos
Best Beverage: Mongolia
Audience’s Favourite: Iraq
Rector’s Favourite: Argentina
Chancellor’s Favourite: India
Vice-Rector’s Favourite: Peru
Royal Palace’s Favourite: Turkey