Health precautions from 31 August 2020

The health and safety of all who study and work at Szent István university is our highest priority. Please follow the rules strictly when you come to the university in person:

  • Wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose from entering the University building to leaving the building
  • We recommend that you wear gloves when you submit your registration dossier and your documents are checked
  • Keep a 1.5 m distance from the others in queues and during lectures
  • Please use hand sanitizers
  • Before enrolment, please prepare the documents required in a dossier so that we can process the enrolment as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your contribution to protecting the health of all University citizens.

Interactive map to follow world travel restrictions (UN World Food Programme - Emergency Division) Government Decree 71/2020 (27 III) on restrictions of movement (27 March 2020) Rector's and Chancellor's video message (27 March 2020) Information on emergency status regarding coronavirus (12 March 2020)