Doctoral Studies

The doctoral degree awarded by Szent István University (SZIU) is an internationally recognized PhD degree. Our professional staff has a good  reputation all over the world. The PhD students graduated from SZIU find jobs in government offices, research institutions, business and education in Hungary and abroad alike.The PhD studies consist of tutorials, field and laboratory experimental work as well as preparation and defense of theses.

We respect a good degree

That is why all graduates of accredited non-Hungarian universities with an MSc or internationally recognized equivalent qualification are eligible to be admitted  to our PhD schools.

Communication is the key
to educational success, and thus, any foreign or Hungarian post-graduate student studying at  Szent István University is required to have proficient written and spoken foreign language skills, preferably in English, but in a few cases, German will also do.

Length of studies
If you are a PhD student, the length of time you spend in a full-time post-graduate course at Szent István University is two years to complete courses, after two years’ experimental work and another year might be needed for preparing the dissertation .

Tuition fees
PhD students pay tuition fees between 6,000 and 12,000 euro per year. The exact amount of payment depends on the research you need in your program. Your living expenses are not included.

Fees of procedurals:

Application fee for studies

100 EUR

Application fee for final procedure

100 EUR

Fee for final procedural

1000 EUR

Fee for diploma + certificate

100 EUR

There are various promising housing opportunities for post-graduate students here at Szent István University. The Office of the Doctoral and Habilitation Council will help you in finding good-quality, reasonably-priced accommodation in a dormitory, graduate dormitory or off-campus. The prices may vary but Hungary is one of the best countries in Europe in terms of comfortable and clean housing at an affordable price.

Once you apply,
your application is reviewed by the Admissions Committee and if your final degree is good or above, you will get an official letter stating that you have been admitted and can start your studies upon payment of the first year's tuition fee.

Comprehensive exam
is a form of testing and examining at the end of the fourth semester of the doctoral program in front of the  Board, which  marks the end of the academic and research part. The exam consists  of two parts where the theoretical part tests the students’ theoretical knowledge and, in the dissertation part the students give an account of their scientific progress made.

One day it will all be over,
the class work, comprehensive exam, the laboratory and field work and the rest, i.e. publications. That is when you will need to write the dissertation. First, you will have to get what we call an ‘absolutorium’: a pre-degree certificate stating that all the course units and research training have been completed and the time has come to write the dissertation after having collected 240 credit points.

After that you can start
the disputation  process. To do that, your publications and the dissertation should be finalized after the preliminary disputation. The dissertation will be evaluated and judged by two reviewers, who will give their written evaluation to the candidate. It is a transparent process: the candidate presents his or her findings and reacts to the reviewers’ comments in front of the disputation board and the  public .

Send us your application or, in case you have further questions,

Contact us:

Doctoral and Habilitation Centre
H-2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly u. 1., Hungary
Phone +36-28-415-382



Animal Husbandry Science
Head: Prof. Dr. Miklós MÉZES

Biological Sciences
Head: Prof. Dr. Zoltán NAGY

Plant Sciences
Head: Prof. Dr. Lajos HELYES

Mechanical Engineering
Head: Prof. Dr. István FARKAS

Environmental Sciences
Head: Prof. Dr. Mrs. Erika CSÁKI-MICHÉLI

Economic and Regional Sciences
Head: Prof. Dr. József POPP

International PhD coordinator:
Ms Zsuzsanna TASSY
Phone: +36 28 522-000/extension 1055


BUDA CAMPUS (Budapest)

Horticultural Sciences
Head: Prof. Dr. Mrs. Éva ZÁMBORI-NÉMETH

Food Sciences
Head: Prof. Dr. Livia SIMON SARKADI

Landscape Architecture and Landscape Ecology
Head: Prof. Dr. László BOZÓ

International PhD coordinator:
Phone: +36 1 305 7596



Head: Prof. Dr. András SZABÓ
Head: Prof. Dr. Imre FERTŐ
PhD Rapporteur, Principal Administrator:
Mrs Katalin LACZKÓ
Phone: +36 82 505-800 /extension 1004



Head: Prof. Dr. Angéla ANDA
International PhD coordinator:
Ms Adrienn SOÓS

Phone: +36 83 545 148