Electronic administration policy of the Educational Directorate during health emergency (20 March)

The Szent István University, according to the government decree 40/2020. (III.11) on the declaration of the emergency,  concerning the 9th paragraph of the action plan introducing an educational methodology that does not require the presence of a student in person (16 March 2020), I define the electronic administration policy of the Educational Directorate as follows:
1.    Until further notice, due to health emergencies and home office work, all personal and call center services are going to be intermitted at all training sites of Szent István University. Students may submit their questions to study administrators by sending messages to their official e-mail addresses (surname.forename@fh.szie.hu), or by sending a copy to oktatasi.igazgato@szie.hu   address.   The study administrator is obliged to reply to the Student's letter within 3 working days  or if the question is out of his/her range, forward the letter to the faculty coordinator or to the head of department.
When the administrator is on leave or not available for any reason, the director of Educational Directorate informs the Student with the help of  Education Organization Department via Neptun message.         
Keeping contact with colleagues of Educational Directorate the Student's e-mail address should be used, which was recorded in the Neptun System. Therefore, please, every Students check and if necessary correct their e-mail address in the Neptun System, for the correct procedure a guidance is going to be given out.
2.     The Students can submit their requests mostly through Neptun System as it follows:
     a)    all those request forms, which have been already available in Neptun System at all training sites, are going to work on the same electronic way without changes ;
     b)    all those Student's requests, which are not available in the Neptun System yet, please, for prior arrangement submit to oktatasi.igazgato@szie.hu e-mail address;
     c)    the Educational Directorate in conjunction with the educational vice-rector and with the educational vice-chancellor, may introduce new e-forms in to the Neptun System according to the needs of up-coming issues;
     d)    az the Faculty of Food Science, the Faculty of Horticultural Science and the  Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, the request forms can be submitted only through the Neptun System, in accordance with the descriptions of  budaicampus.szie.hu website;
     e)    at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and at the  Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering  from 23 March 2020,  the following e-forms are going to be introduced to the Neptun System: "general study request" and "terminate student status by Student's request" . The student status terminating request should be printed from the Neptun System, and have to be sent to the University by post or as a soft copy by e-mail.
     f)    For the Students in correspondence trainings of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science e-forms of subject recognition is going to be introduced in to the Neptun System, and their consultations are going to be held later in the semester.

3.    At every Faculties of the University, final exam application can be managed only through the Neptun System, as it was custom.

4.    Prints of student status certificate and any other certificates should be requested through the Neptun System in e-forms.  The certificates are going to be posted by the administrator in duty of the Educational Directorate.

5.    The language exam certificate, which is necessary for printing the diploma certificate, should be scanned and sent by e-mail to faculty study coordinator.  The diplomas are going to be issued within the prescribed period of 30 days in accordance with the law CCIV/2011 of higher education, however, regarding the current emergency situation and the lock up of the University, the printed degree certificates can only be given out after the lock up obligation is over and the original language certificate is presented.  If requested, Student may receive a soft copy of diploma and diploma supplement  by e-mail.

6.    We reserve the right to change this electronic administration policy! This electronic administration policy is valid without signature and stamp.

Budapest, 20 March 2020.

Ferenc Szalai s.k.
administrator expert, mandatary director of education


Dr. István Szabó s.k.
professor, educational vice-rector

Dr. Linda Zsófia Szabó s.k.
legal adviser, educational vice-chancellor