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Rules and Regulations regarding Arrival in Szent István University, Hungary (27 August, 2020)

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According to the Ministry for Innovation and Technology the following rules and regulations apply to all international students arriving in Hungary including SH, FAO, ERASMUS, SCYP scholars and self-financing students:
You are encouraged to start your studies online. According to the Recor’s Directive 1/2020 (VIII.6), education at Szent István University will be organised online. After electronic enrolment, you will have an active student status.

However, please note that you are NOT entitled to your financial support (stipend) to cover your accommodation and living costs in Hungary unless you are actually living in Hungary.
International scholars who are already in Hungary have to enrol in person at the Registrar’s Office where they will be checked. Only students who enrolled in person are entitled to accommodation and living costs support. All enrolled students are entitled to education provided online.

If you decide to come to Hungary, you are responsible for covering the following costs:

  1. 2 PCR tests: A non-Hungarian student arriving from a country marked with red or yellow is obliged to show two negative PCR test results which were performed twice with a 48-hour time difference and at least 5 days prior to arriving in Hungary.

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  1. your accommodation and living during the testing period
  2. your accommodation and living during your official quarantine period if quarantine is legally ordered by authorities.

Please note that SZIU/MATE dormitories cannot accept anyone for testing or for their quarantine period. No one arriving from any yellow / red countries can enter any SZIU/MATE Campuses without possessing 2 negative PCR test results.

Offered test labs in Budapest:
Red and yellow countries can be checked in the following map:
Further information in English available below:

If you decide to come to Hungary, you will need the following documents:

  • Equity Request issued by the Hungarian police before entering Hungary except those students who travel with   "D" type visa.
  • Annex 1 filled in by the university and the student before arrival
  • Letter of Acceptance issued by SZIU on condition that the student cannot stay in the dormitory for PCR testing and their quarantine period. Students have to specify the place of their quarantine in the police Equity Request and Annex 1.

If you are a student applied to any of the following campuses, please contact your own Campus Coordinator:

Kaposvár Campus – László Hahn:
Gyöngyös Campus – Dóra Póka:
Keszthely Campus – Adrienn Soós:
Buda Campus – Letícia Bogárdi:


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From March 23rd 2020 teaching will take place via "Correspondence" or "Distance" (Online) Education, the method is currently being prepared. Students cannot visit the University whilst the "Correspondence" education is in process.

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