"For guests coming from diverse provinces will bring with them diverse tongues and customs that will adorn a country … For a country using only one tongue and having only one custom is weak and frail. Therefore I command you, my son, to show goodwill to newcomers, foster and hold them in high esteem so that they may sojourn here rather than in other parts."
/St. Stephen's Admonitions  to his son, Prince Imre

SZIU, being one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, understands the importance of internationalization and promotes a variety of international activities. With more than 150 partners on almost every continent, SZIU students and staff can operate on a global scale to gain and share the essential knowledge for success in the globalized world. In line with this, SZIU aims at improving its position in various university rankings and enhancing international academic cooperations. During the past years, SZIU has made significant progress regarding internationalization in terms of increasing the share of international students in the total student body, facilitating joint research projects, launching a joint master programme with universities from the Danube region, and being involved in Erasmus Mundus Action2 projects. In this regard, SZIU focuses on strengthening the international dimension of its education and training through cooperating with HEIs outside the European Union and hence increasing the attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area as a whole. International cooperations in mobility programmes support the modernisation of education at SZIU and improve students’ level of key competences and skills (both from SZIU and its Partner Countries), especially language skills and those relevant for the labour market.

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