MATE (former SZIU) Authentication (Wifi, E-learning, email)

Here at Szent István University we use centralized user management. It means the users can use the same identifier and password to access various IT systems. We call these identifiers MATE (former SZIU) ID. For MATE (SZIU) students the MATE (SZIU) ID is the same as the Neptun ID/ Neptun code.

The ID and the related e-mail account will be automatically created as the student is enrolled in the University.

Activate your MATE (former SZIU) ID HERE

The default password is 'Ne', followed by  the date of birth in the following format: YYYYMMDD. To activate the user account, password changing is required.

Eduroam service (WIFI)

Szent István University is connected to Eduroam internet service, the global wifi service for academia.
Use your school's Wi-Fi authentication at any eduroam hotspot in the world and join instantly and securely.

To use this service, the SZIU ID should be activated on the webpage.

The service is available on the following sites of the SZIU:

     - Buda Campus (1118 Budapest, 29-43 Villányi street)
     - Gödöllő Campus (2100 Gödöllő, 1 Páter Károly street)
     - Szarvas Campus (5500 Szarvas, 1-3 Szabadság street)

(In the future the service is will be introduced in other premises of the Szent István University, too.)

Connect to eduroam network:

For login the SZIU ID and the related password should be used, with the following syntax:

Login instructions and the settings:


Students can access the learning management system called Neptun at webpage. Neptun uses the same ID as other IT systems but stores password locally. Therefore, changing password in Neptun won’t change your password in other systems. Likewise changing password in JoKeR (or any other centrally managed system) won’t change your password in Neptun.


For login use the SZIU ID and the related password used on the webpage.

Office365 service, and the usage of the new email adress

The SZIU ID-s are in an inactive state after the creation. The e-mail accounts are inactive too, so they won’t accept any letters! The account can be used after the activation on the webpage, which includes the mandatory password-change. Until this, the account will be inhibited and can not be used to reach the IT services.

The SZIU ID, and the related e-mail account will be automatically created as the student is enrolled to the University. To access the new e-mail address and the Office 365 services, please log in to the website.

Select Szent István University on the selection list. You will be redirected to the institutional authentication site. Enter the SZIU ID and your password.
After successful login, you will be automatically redirected to the webpage of Office365.

In case you have problems logging in, send an e-mail

If you encounter e-learning system related issues, contact the e-learning administrators at