Medical services


Based on the information of the Tormay Károly Clinic, Gödöllő, the following services are suspended in the Gödöllő clinic during epidemic:

  • Physiotherapy,
  • Massage,
  • Orthopaedics
  • Dermatology: only consultation via phone (in Hungarian)
  • Surgery: only urgent cases at Misszió Health Centre: Veresegyház, Gyermekliget u. 30.,
  • Opthalmology (Eye specialist): only urgent cases (imflammation, injury/trauma) at Flór Ferenc Hospital: Kistarcsa Semmelweis tér 1., (also a HÉV station); start at registration
  • Ultrasound

Otolaryngology (Ear-throat specialist): First consultation and making appointment via phone also in English- Dr. Larisza Ilonczai +36 70 502 1965 (it is not a cell phone, do not send text message)

Working hours: Mon 11:00 - 17:00; Tue 07:45 - 14:50; Wed 07:30 - 12:30; Thu 07:45 - 14:50; Fri 08:00 - 13:30

Dentist: only in urgent cases and only given services Dr. Feder Aser - availability and working hours (table)


Stipendium Hungaricum and Scholarship for Christian Young People scholars: try to use your private insurance first (+36 1 461 1572). Public health service (social security/TAJ) to all scholarship holders: : Clinics are closed, they accept patients only upon appointment, so first you have to call them. Dentist cannot accept patients, only in very urgent cases based on appointment.


If you need prescription for your regularly taken medicine and you visited your GP earlier, you have to call him/her on phone. They will write the prescription, upload it to cloud and you can buy the medicine at any of the pharmacies (bring your TAJ card or TAJ number with you). Students in Gödöllő dormitory: if you need medicine from Dr Shafiq, please write an email to:, including your name, TAJ number and the medicine you need. She will call them and inform you if your prescription is ready.


For extending your social security card,you will need first your new residence permit. If you have it, please collect the necessary documents (; scroll down to EXTENSION).

1. You can submit the application at the social security office - they placed boxes in front of the office, so please drop the application form and the copies of your documents to the box
2. Send the copies of the documents + application form by post to the address of the social security office
3. Send the copies of the documents + application form by email to

Your new card will be sent to you by post (to the address indicated on your accommodation card!!!)
You can ask your registrar's officer for student status certficate, she will direct your request to the colleague in charge.


Pro bono – Voluntary psychologists help to tackle coronavirus related mental crisis (page is in Hungarian only)

Psychologists and mental experts volunteer to provide help online or via phone in relation to coronavirus for free of charge.
If you feel that you need help, please contact any of the experts at the given availabilities.
It does not mean health care and psychoteraphy, but consultation, helping and supporting talks.
Emails are answered within 48 hours.
Maximum number of consultations: 3-5 occasions.

Some examples, when you might need this kind of help:

strong stress because of the crisis,
physical symptoms (trouble sleeping, pain in chest, feeling a lump in your throat) you have not had before,
you feel lost among the heaps of information and don’t know what to do,

These experts provide help also in English:

Papp Zsuzsanna – psychologist –
Vida Katalin – consulting psychologist –
Matyi Csongor – consultant – +36 20 256 5788
Csémy Melinda – psychologist, crisis expert,integrative hipnotherapist –
Virág Márta – clinician psychologist candidate–
Király Csaba – psychologist –
Felhősi Gabriella – clinician psychologist –
Peták Flóra – psychologist –


If you have already had a phychologist and your existing symptoms increased, please consult with your phychologist!