In the centre of activities of Szent István University, students have always been the primary focus. Our goal is to ensure the national and international competitiveness and professional acknowledgement of the Institution with reliable, high quality education, research activities and other services.

Serving the interest of operating Quality Policy and the prevailing accrediting quality requirements of higher education, the University Management take responsibility for the institutional implementation, support and continuous development of the quality management system based on the international standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, which the Management regard as a tool for reaching its goals.

Szent István University pays continuous attention to the needs and expectations of students, lecturers, the labour market, the economy and society; and it does everything to be considered an undoubtedly reliable and fair partner by those who have interests in its activities.

Szent István University – in accordance with its mission statement and its institutional development plan – shows full commitment to the following goals:

  • enabling students to gain nationally and internationally competitive, high quality, extensive and valuable knowledge and degree due to the educational innovation;
  • paying scrupulous attention to satisfying students’ requirements during the organization and management of its activities;
  • striving for the goals of society and economy with its R&D&I (research and development and innovation) activities;
  • providing education for successful professionals with the involvement and cooperation of participants of the labour market;
  • ensuring and continuously increasing its stability in the higher educational competition;
  • becoming a determining factor in the international higher education market;
  • having both effective internal and external communication;
  • ensuring a secure job, an appropriate work environment and professional development for its employees;
  • cooperating productively with Hungarian and European higher education institutions and with social and economic organizations so that cultural life and the economic system can flourish;
  • supporting the academic integrity and freedom while acting against fraud;
  • standing against all kinds of intolerance and discrimination of teachers, staff and students;

For the implementation of Quality Policy, the Management of Szent István University:

  • expect employees to be significantly precise in their work, to know and implement its quality policy;
  • encourage employees to continuously expand their professional knowledge and scope;
  • involve both the employees and students of the institution in its activities;
  • expect all employees to contribute to the University’s success with the help of their personal knowledge and responsibility.
  • the quality policy applies to outsourced and external partners.

Our partners can be sure that Szent István University is definitely