Research at Szent István University

Dear Visitor,

Nowadays, it is a special requirement from universities and colleges to establish close connection with business life, large and small enterprises. They are the so-called stakeholders who support students by providing practical training, advising diploma theses. If our university fulfills its mission well, companies will employ our students in the future. Their experts might become our visiting lecturers who participate in our final exam committees and do joint research with us and help in education.

To realise the above-mentioned goals, first of all, we have to monitor our research activities and progress, which will be beneficial for the businesses in the future.

Szent István University started to map its knowledge base, however it has not been completed yet. The offer for educational and research cooperation is available for our business partners. Introducing this publication to you, I also call my colleagues to update and expand the cooperation topics from time to time and if you have a new idea or proposal that fits with Szent István University's program (see also our research groups), feel free to contact us at

We believe that these guidelines provide you with useful information and strengthen the connection between business sphere and education.

Respectfully yours,

Prof. Dr. Csaba Gyuricza
University Professor, Acting Rector