Stipendium Hungaricum


Tempus Public Foundation letter on curfew (27 March 2020)

Dear SH Scholarship Holders,

With regards to the queries of several Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders, we would like to confirm the following, in line with the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

In view of the emergency situation, we recommend that scholarship holders do not leave Hungary and we strongly advise that you stay in your current place of residence.  This is the safest option for you and your loved ones at home.  If you stay in Hungary, you will receive the benefits provided by the programme: contribution to your housing and living expenses, health insurance, and the additional healthcare services.

Based on the Stipendium Hungaricum Operational Regulations and applicable legislation, the following is worth keeping in mind:

  • If the scholarship holders leave the territory of Hungary, they can do so only with the permission of the institution, and if they are absent for more than 30 days, they will lose their right to their living and housing allowance until their return, as these allowances are intended to contribute to their costs of living in Hungary.  However, they do not lose their scholarship status.
  • It is important to stress - especially in the case of the five countries that are denied entry (South Korea, Italy, Iran, China and Israel) - that there is no guarantee of your return. According to the current situation, the list of countries might be extended depending on the decision of the respective governments.
  • Important update: According to the information provided by the Prime Minister of Hungary, from Monday, 16 March 2020, the borders of Hungary will be closed from any international passenger traffic, meaning that only Hungarian citizens will be able to enter the country until further notice.
  • In addition to the above, scholarship holders will of course still have the opportunity to suspend their studies (passive semester), through the procedure set out under Section 45 (2) of the Act on National Higher Education 204/2011. However, please bear in mind, that during the passive semester, scholarship holders are not entitled to their allowances provided by the programme. It is worth bearing in mind that, pursuant to paragraph (1) of the same Section, a continuous interruption shall not exceed two semesters unless authorized by their host institution.

Yours faithfully,

Study in Hungary Department
Tempus Public Foundation