Tax number

In accordance with Hungarian laws, those who get money from the state (including state scholarship) should have a Hungarian tax number. Tax number is required also for student jobs.

The application form for tax number has to be submitted to the Tax Authority.

The Tax number has be registered in your NEPTUN account under My Data / Personal Information / Modify Data /Tax ID: type the number and then click on Send Modification request.

Location  in Gödöllő: Kossuth Lajos utca 74.

Working hours:

Mo: 08:15-17:30
Tue: 08:15-12:00
Thur: 08:15-16:00
Fri: closed

Tax offices close to or easy to access from Buda Campus

1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. and
1221 Budapest , Kossuth L. u. 25-29

Working hours:

Mo: 08:15-18:00
Tue: 08:15-11:30
Wed: 08:15-18:00
Thur: 08:15-11:30
Fri: 08:15-11:30

Required documents:

  • Application form (available at tax authority or in Student Services Office, Gödöllő)
  • Accomodation sheet
  • Student Status certificate (in Hungarian)
  • Copy of passport

On the Gödöllő Campus, application for tax number is arranged by the Student Services Office based on your authorisation until the end of October.